Wednesday, December 8, 2010

spare time

So I thought only working 3 days a week was going to make me go crazy cause I would be bored all the time but I am actually quite enjoying it! I have started making these fabric necklaces for my family for christmas and then started getting people who wanted to buy them so it keeps me so busy! Along with playing with my pup of course (shes abnormally human for a dog) and spoiled. Im so excited for the holidays and to get together with family!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Find of the week!!! YUM!!!

Red velvet chocolate milk and mint chocolate milk from target! A must try. I am currently obsessed and in love with it. Give it a try and you can thank me later.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life in a nutshell

Ok so I have not blogged in awhile so theres lots to catch up on but dont want to bore anyone to death so ill do the easy bullet points!

1. We were waldo and wenda (even though know one knew who i was) for halloween and we had a blast at our friends brit and parks halloween bash!

2. Oakley did not like her halloween outfit very much and tried to rip it off until I finally took it off of her after 3 minutes. My pup is now 5 months old!

3.Matt has an interview in VEGAS for PA school and we are sooooo excited! Wish us luck on January 5th!

4. We get to go to cali for thanksgiving in aprox 11 days! Cant wait!

5. I have officially started paying loans and am now wishing I never went to school blah!

6. We have a little "mouse" problem and I captured one under a bowl. I was very proud of myself.

7. Officially all my best friends from hygiene school are now pregnant! Im so excited for them! It makes me contemplate "hey maybe i should get on the ban wagon and have a kid"........then i see all the crazy children at church and decide I can wait a little while longer. Ill just play with theirs :)!!

8. I hope everyone has a wonderful night!!

My cute baby girl!

Waldo and Wenda

My mouse contraption Yah for the jazz! They are doing awesome!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My new hobby

So ever since I can remember I hated sewing! I can always remember having to do sewing activities in mutual while the boys got to go on hikes and play sports and such and I just thought it was so unfair! But for some reason I have developed this weird "sewing bug" and now I'm addicted!! Thanks to my friend Jocey I made the cutest little baby dress (no I'm not baby hungry) and these cute bibs (I promise I'm not baby hungry, they are GIFTS!!)! So easy!! I have now invested in a sewing machine and hope to get more acquainted with it :)!

A very fashionable bib i must say

cutest dress! Who knows if a baby can evern fit in it but its just so cute

My wonderful eacher jocelyn

My new friend

My other new hobby is church related! I just got called to be an assistant in the beehives! Im soooo excited to be in young womens! Im sure I will learn more than the girls will and I think it will be such a good learning experience! So between work, young womens, and trying to become the next martha stuart I keep pretty busy and I love it! O ya and of course taking care of my puppy child.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Fall is my favorite time of the year but it seems like it goes by so fast! One minute the leaves are changing colors and the next there is snow! Blah! Not looking forward to snow! We went on a hike with dustin and kylee up near sundance and it was BEAUTIFUL! We didnt quite time the hike right and ended up hiking in the dark most of the way back but it was an adventure!

Thanks for inviting us ky and dust!

Going to gardner village in the fall is a must! The have all their cute witches decorating the place and its such a fun atmosphere! My family came into town so we had a girls night and went there!

Last night we went with some other couples to hee-haw farms in pleasant grove! We had fun scaring the others in the corn maze, sliding down these funky slides, and going through their haunted house! The scariest moment was captured by matt. So me and kort decided we wanted a picture by the corn husks. We were waiting for matt to take the picture and right as he said 1,2,3.....this monster who had been hiding their the whole time jumped out and did the scariest growl i have ever heard! And ofcourse matt has pushed the picture button by then so he caught our faces just as the monster came out.....again remember this picture is not staged in any way..

thats pure fear on our can notice the green monster coming at us on the left side! What a fun filled night!! Here is the after photo of how we wanted it to look..

Much better! :)

Giant pumpkins

I am looking forward to more haunted houses before halloween comes! I love being scared! Matt is finally fulfulling his dream of being waldo for halloween! And I had no idea there was a girl waldo named wenda so I am now roped into being wenda for halloween. Not the most exciting thing in the world but o well! Well I hope everyone is enjoying their scarfs, hot chocolate, pumpkin scented candles, and fall leaves!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just for fun

I heard something in the laundry room the other night so I went in to see what it was and this is what I found......oakley with her head stuck in her doggy treat bag....

She is a handful....but she just loves to help aound the house

Her favorite toy so far is the toilet scruber

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anniversary and Bear Lake

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We went up to Logan "where it all happened" to get the sparks back as matt would say. We stayed at a hotel and went to all of our favorite places to eat. We went and did a session at the logan temple and then saturday went to bear lake and my grandparents took us out to eat! It was a nice relaxing weekend and I am looking forward to another wonderful year of marriage! (if we make it ;)

For labor day weekend we went up to bear lake again with my hygiene friends Lizzie and Britney and their hubbies to Lizzie and robs amazing cabin! We went boating, had a bonfire, road 4-wheelers, and ate our hearts out! yum! It was a blast! Then on sunday before we went home we went to minetonka caves. Brittney had never been to a cave so she was loving it. I was sad to leave bear lake. I did learn some new things though:
#1-lizzie is the most fit prego mom I have ever seen....i still have a bigger belly and I aint even prego!
#2-parker has the worst farts ever
#3-matt is obsessed with wake surfing
#4-britney is the sweetest girl I know
#5-rob is a trooper for driving the boat during the winds and being pelted with water

The caves-it was freezing inside

our family picture

I HATE cold water!

Thanks gang for a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To the birthday boy.......

Tomorrow is my hubbys 26th birthday (although he thought he was turning 25). Only 26 and he is losing his mind, o boy. Now i can't tell you all the special things I have in store but after it has all transpired I will share. I love birthdays and I think everyone should feel special on their birthday! My husband is absolutely AMAZING! Last year I made him a book for his 25th birthday on 25 reasons why i love him. So instead of thinking up basically the same reasons I am just going to add one on to make is easier on all of us: #26. I love how you put your whole heart into everything that you do. Your job, your calling, and your family and friends. I admire you so much and I hope you have the best 26th birthday a boy could have :)! I love you. And I love all the rest of you too.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sad to lose puppy fur

It's puppy has basically lost all of her soft,fluffy,precious little puppy fur :( I can't even remember how small she was when we got her cause she is growing so fast. I go to sleep, and in the morning, POOF! She grew another 4 inches. She is almost to big to sit in the front seat with me anymore. She has become quite the scavenger for food. Today I had to pry a piece of animal poop from her mouth, and the other day I discovered she was chewing gum. She is not completely a re re though. We have taught her to sit, stay, lay down, and shake! Of course she will only do this if you have a treat in your hand but still, its a start! She is also a great escape artist. She somehow managed to unzip her kennel and get out while we at work...twice! I think I am going to set up a camera to see just how she does it...that little sneak. Anyways she is great fun and if anyone is feeling puppy hungry they can just borrow oakley :) feel free to call!

she was so tried she fell asleep in her water bowl

after her bath

searching for food particles in the dish washer

she like to blog

Weekends of fun

A couple weeks ago our friends Jocey and David invited us to go 4-wheeling up near heber and it was so much fun! We road around and then went to this lodge in the middle of no where for dinner. On the way back we found a fun rope swing and decided to stay awhile because jocey and david had disappeared on their 4-wheeler into the woods....who knows what they were doing!? :) jk jocey. But they eventually showed up! It was so nice to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is so close to us. I def want to invest in some 4-wheelers cause they are so fun!

Then last weekend I went to addie's and had a craft night. I have come to learn NOT to wear nice clothes when painting because I somehow managed to get paint on my pants 4 different times throughout the night....don't ask me how I do it. I made some cute halloween blocks and a clock! The blocks are not finished yet but here is a picture of the clock. I think it turned out pretty good! Thanks ads for planning it! I can't wait til the next one!

The next day we took our pups on a hiking trail up to dog lake in slc. It is the coolest place cause there are just dogs everywhere and they dont have to be on leases and they can just roam around. It's 4 miles round trip. We went with our friends Lizzie and Rob and their dog misty. I didn't really even think that "hey this might be kind of a long hike for a 2 month old pup" so off we went. About half way there our dog began to whine and whine and whine, but she kept walking. On the way back the same story. So finally we decide to pick her up and she basically just collapsed in matts arms she was so tired :(. I felt bad for making her walk all that way. She was a trooper and slept all the way home.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The catch up

Ok so I am not being very diligent in my new blog but I still do not know how to really work this thing so that's my excuse! A lot has got our puppy and she is now 2 months old and so freakin big! It makes me sad how fast they grow but I am looking forward to getting out of the poop/pee on my carpet stage. She has been so fun and been good company while matts at work since I work a whooping 2 days a week! I am a stay at home mom to the max. But next week I finally start full time until the girl gets back from maternity leave. Is it bad to hope she does not come back? :) Here are some pics of our growing puppy!

I took some funny videos of her so I will figure out how to put them up later! Some have told me that a puppy is harder than a baby...if that is so then I might have kids...if it reversed....well I don't know what I will do. I have been comparing and contrasting the difference. Here is what I have concluded and learned in my 2 weeks of having Oakley.

-Babies poop/pee can be found in a diaper (maybe sometimes on their clothes). I get to go on a treasure hunt around my house and yard to discover these little surprises.
-Babies wake up during the night...I bet you my puppy wakes up just as much. And she wakes up at 5 am without fail every day.
-Babies can't bite you while giving them a bath
-Babies are usually not forbidden in stores like I feel bad leaving pups at home all the time so I dont even go out!
-Babies can't run away from you and if they can they are not that fast.
-Babies won't usually chew on the floor,rug,couch,shoes,cupboards,clothes,door,drapes,and chair in the span of 10 minutes.
Ok so I may be complaining a little but this puppy thing is harder than I thought, but very worth it in the end. I love her.

Other news....Matt got a promotion at work so now he finally has a normal 9-5 job so I get to see him every night! It is so nice to have him home every night. Now I just need to get some new recipes and start cooking more! We have had lots of fun exploring our new home of Spanish Fork, walking Oakley, and getting our place together. We live in what some might call "the ghetto". We have recently learned that we live next door to a man that has been in prison 3 times! yah....needless to say I always lock my door now.
Matt finally got his applications turned in for PA so now we are just crossing our fingers! Well I will not bore anymore! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Puppy names.....

We are officially getting a chocolate lab puppy in 2 weeks! Its a girl and we are sooo excited! K so it's not a baby but still, its exciting!! :) We have a couple puppy names and want peoples votes on the one(s) they like! So heres the list:
We are moving into our apartment in Spanish Fork next wednesday! This is our first "move" since we have been married so its a nice change for us! Matt is almost done with his applications! yah! This weekend is my family reunion up in Bear Lake! I love that place!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A new beginning!!!

Yes, its official! I am really gonna give this blog thing a try!! Now that I have more time on my hands I think I will be able to handle it! Life is in limbo land right now but i'm trying to enjoy it! I officially graduated from hygiene school and am now a HYGIENIST!!! YAH! Right now I am working part time down in Nephi and am still looking for another part time job! Matt is doing school and work full time which keeps him very busy!! He is almost done with his applications for PA school and then he can send them off!!! We can't wait to find out where we will be going next year! So exciting! We are in the process of finding a new place to live and hoping to get a puppy soon!! It's my belief that I need to get a puppy before I get a baby!!! haha they are less expensive and less work! We found the cutest chocolate lab online and we are going next weekend to see if we want it!

How can you resist this face though!!

We made it!!!