Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi World

So I have been horrible at blogging. Again many things have been going on since my last post!
1- We were bags of jelly bellys for halloween. See pictures below! Just call me cheap.
2- We went to Mt. Rushmore for a mini vacation and it was lot's of fun! I can cross something off my list!
3- It is currently 7 degrees outside in Billings. I am on house arrest til spring. brrrrrrrrr....
4- My brother got home from his mission to Japan and I got to go home to california to see him! It is so good to have him back and he was such a good missionary!
5- Yes we are having a BABY!! I am due May 18th and can not be more excited/nervous/overwhelmed/anxious/blessed! I have been feeling ok besides just being tired constantly and throwing up a couple times a week. I am not quite sure if I am ready for such a big calling in life but I guess I have no choice at this point!! I will be needing lot's of advice and tips from all you great mommies out there!!

                                                               my little gummy bear!

                                                                    Mt Rushmore

Welcome home parker!!

                                                                 Bags of Jelly Bellys