Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. George Weekend and Easter!

Im so lazy at downloading pictures but I have finally done it now so I can post. We had an AMAZING time in st george with the bells and jacobsens. We stayed at an amazing house and the pool was literally 5 steps away. We laid out a lot and ate and played games. It was much needed and a great pre-vacation to the cruise we will be taking with them THIS MONTH!! Can't wait! For easter Matt and I just stayed home and relaxed and dyed easter eggs. We thought about hiding eggs for our dog to find but that would just be a bit much! :) Enjoy the pics!
finally see the sun

poor pais got sick but she was a trooper
sexy arnt we!?

easter sunday

oak hates pics

our beautifully dyed easter eggs!

Hope everyone has a great sunday!