Monday, September 13, 2010

Just for fun

I heard something in the laundry room the other night so I went in to see what it was and this is what I found......oakley with her head stuck in her doggy treat bag....

She is a handful....but she just loves to help aound the house

Her favorite toy so far is the toilet scruber

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anniversary and Bear Lake

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We went up to Logan "where it all happened" to get the sparks back as matt would say. We stayed at a hotel and went to all of our favorite places to eat. We went and did a session at the logan temple and then saturday went to bear lake and my grandparents took us out to eat! It was a nice relaxing weekend and I am looking forward to another wonderful year of marriage! (if we make it ;)

For labor day weekend we went up to bear lake again with my hygiene friends Lizzie and Britney and their hubbies to Lizzie and robs amazing cabin! We went boating, had a bonfire, road 4-wheelers, and ate our hearts out! yum! It was a blast! Then on sunday before we went home we went to minetonka caves. Brittney had never been to a cave so she was loving it. I was sad to leave bear lake. I did learn some new things though:
#1-lizzie is the most fit prego mom I have ever seen....i still have a bigger belly and I aint even prego!
#2-parker has the worst farts ever
#3-matt is obsessed with wake surfing
#4-britney is the sweetest girl I know
#5-rob is a trooper for driving the boat during the winds and being pelted with water

The caves-it was freezing inside

our family picture

I HATE cold water!

Thanks gang for a great weekend!