Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Sky Country

                 Hello from Montana! Well it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks so I am just now getting the time to fill all you in on whats been going down. Warning, it will be a long post. So we moved in to our house on June 25th with the help of Matt's wonderful family who helped us hang everything so it looks like we have lived here forever! It's great! I love my house! So much room and privacy! It's probably my favorite thing about Montana so far haha. See my pictures posted below.
                    I started work on Monday the 27th. Needless to say it was the longest day of my life. I work at a HUGE dental office. 4 doctors a day, 6 hygienists a day, and i can't count how many front desk and assistants there are. We communicate through ear pieces. I work 3 days a week/13 hour days. Yes, 13 hours of cleaning teeth. My hygiene friends understand how crazy this is. Anyways I thought I would go in to work and be trained on the new software, protocols, papers, etc. because all of it is so different from what I am used to. NOPE. I was booked with patients all day long and I didnt even know how to turn on the computer. I guess there was so miscommunication with the employees. So I pretended as best I could and went to work. Some people maybe did not know what I wasnt trained on anything and were not the nicest. So a combination of not knowing what to do, mean people, pms, and exhaustion from moving equals......yep you guessed it! CRYING!! I cried on my first day of work! It is not like me at all and I was so embarassed but all I could do was cry. I know people talked about it after because the next day dentists I hadnt met yet were coming up to me and saying "so i heard you had a rough first day." O great. Anyways, things are getting better. I'm getting use to the long hours, crazy protocols, and "constructive criticism".
                     Enough about my job. Matt is SO busy with school. When they said I wouldn't seem him they meant it. He's gone all day at school, comes home, eats dinner, and then he's off to studying til bedtime. What a life right!? It hasnt been too hard yet because I went to California for a wedding last weekend then my mom, sister, and grandma came to visit so I havnt' had a dull moment yet but I'm sure this not seeing him thing is gonna get old real soon. He really likes it though and has met a couple guys who are lds in his class. We are having a bbq on saturday so I can meet their wives and maybe make a friend or two :)! Since I do not know onc single person in Montana except for my husband and my doggy. Anways I will fill you in on my fun weekend getaway to cali on my next post cause my hubs needs to use the computer for studying...go figure.