Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another catch up......

Well I find myself playing catch up again! I am 31 weeks and I feel like time has flown by! Im excited for the little boy who keeps kicking me to come into this world but at the same time Im not sure I am quite ready......I will never feel 100% ready! I had an amazing baby shower in Montana and in Utah and I got spoiled!!! The baby room is almost done so I will post pictures eventually. Here are some facts lately:
1. my belly is measuring small for 31 weeks but the dr said I have gained enough weight that she is not this does not make me feel good. Im glad that everywhere is getting big EXCEPT for my belly! go figure!
2. I feel like I have chubby little boy hands due to all the swelling.
3. It is amazing to see my belly moving from the outside. So cool! you gotta try it.
4. At this moment I am more excited to be done with work than I am to have a baby......thats how bad I hate work!
5. I am enjoying my big (well bigger) boobs....but the big belly gets in the way so its a win, loose situation :)
6. I eat every 5 minutes and I eat what I want cause if Im gonna get fat Im gonna get fat eating what I want!!
7. I think we have decided on the name Porter David Snarr. His middle name was going to be Matthew but then Matt realized his initials would be PMS. Good catch Matt. So its David after my wonderful dad.
8. Is is weird that I am totally worried about how my dog is gonna take to the new baby? Ha ha I know I'm a crazy dog lady but she's my first child.
Here are some pics from our trip to utah!
my mommy and sister. I love them.

EDH friends

Spanish fork ladies!!

My grandma at her bday dinner

i love my aimers