Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking Forward To......

1. Meeting my new nephew brody
2. Getting my church talk over with
3. My friends baby shower
4. Finding out what we are going to do with our lives
5. Valentines Day

Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Devil

Okay so my dog is 7 months old now and Im pretty sure she's going through lets call them the "teen years". My sweet little pup has been a hellian lately. Examples.

1. We make her lay on her dog bed at the middle of the night I will wake up, turn my head, and there is my dog laying her head on my pillow staring at me. Creepy? A little. The little turd waits til we are asleep and jumps up on our bed and makes herself comfortable.
2. She decided one day to take off on her own. She's always been good about staying in the yard and one day i went out and called her name and no answer. After 5 minutes of looking like an idiot walking down the street yelling her name i started to freak out. I get a phone call 10 minutes later telling me that they have my dog at....KMART! Kmart is across the highway and like 2 miles down the road! I dont know how she got there but needless to say she got a good spankin.
3. After loosing trust I decided to leave her alone outside for a whole 2 minutes. Yep, she ran away again. This time I found her in a neighborhood across the highway just sniffing away. Im sure timeout in the bathroom for 30 minutes will teach her a lesson.
4. After bath time she so graciously went and layed on our bed to make sure the bed was nice and wet too.
5. Her little puppy nibble has now turned into a not so comfortable dog bite when shes playing. My hands look like I have a little cutting problem.
6. She is the greatest whiner. She will whine until you take her on a think im joking come over and time how long she can whine until she gets her way. I have a premadona dog.

I am hoping this is just a doggy phase and I can eventually have my sweet puppy back. I guess thats what my mom probably thought about me during my teen years too! :)
Dont let her face fool you

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010!! Hello 2011!

Wow it seems like this year has gone by sooo fast! So much has changed and its about to change even more! (hopefully)! Heres our 2010 recap!

January! Took a little trip on the fun bus to wendover with chelsea and doyle! You gotta try it!

February! Spent valentines day with my family in california

March! I took my dreaded 8 hour national boards test. Not fun but glad to be over with and I passed!! Had some fun with friends!

April! Took my WREB to get my license! Went to the hindu temple to celebrate rashana or something like that!

May! I graduated from hygiene school! Yahoo!

June! We went on a little vacation to Havasupai and Disneyland with kylee and dustin! What an adventure! Got my first job as a hygienist down in Nephi, UT. Lets hope none of you ever have to go there its......interesting.

July! We got our puppy that we have been dreaming of for 2 years! Oakley Snarr the cutest pup in the world! We moved to the ghetto of spanish fork but made some really good friends and love the ward.

August! Matt graduated with his Bachelors from UVU and turned 26! We celebrated our 2 year anniversary by going up to Logan where it all began!

September! Matt applied for PA schools all around the states. Went on a fun vacation with hygiene friends up to bear lake!

October! Matt found out he has an interview in VEGAS for school!!! Jan 5th cant come soon enough. We were waldo and wenda for the winders annual halloween party!

November! I turned 23 and we spent thanksgiving in wonderful california with my fam.

December! A wonderful month full of ugly sweater parties, sledding, families, and celebration of Christs birth! We spent the new year with our friends kylee and dustin dancing away the night to wii dance 2!

Hope everyone had a great 2010 and and even better 2011!! Im excited for the changes, challenges, and opportunities that are to come!