Saturday, August 20, 2011


I knew I would catch your attention with the heading....perverts. I just wanted to give you a quick recap and I promise I will write a good post soon!
1. job is getting better but its still just a job
2. Matt has had a week off of school and its been amazing! I am sad to see it start again.
3.still dont have many friends and I am weirdly ok with it....i am becoming a hermit i think
4. My calling in church is RS chorister. Score.
5. My brother gets home from his mission to Japan on 11.11.11. How cool right!?
6. Anniversary is on Monday. 3 years have flown by!
7. I miss the familiarity of Utah and all my wonderful friends still.
8. I love TV more than ever
9. Matt turned 27 yesterday and said his sperm are dying and that he needs a child. I dont believe him.

Stories to come soon!