Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tomorrow is the big move

Tomorrow we are packing up our ghetto little place and moving to Montana. When I tell people wer are mopving to Montana the only response I get is "Montana!? whats in montana!!". My thoughts exactly.  I am excited, scared, sad, and overwhelmed all at the same time. I excited for a new adventure, job, and place to live but I am sad to leave all my friends and family and life in Utah. Lets face it....who wants to come and visit Montana? So I know I will be saying farewell to some dear friends for awhile until we move again to hopefully somewhere where people actually WANT to visit :). I have a feeling these next 2 years are going to be some of the hardest but best times of my life. Ready or not its coming so I just hope I can have a positive attitude about everything. If you ever find my complaining on my blog please remind to to stay positive haha! Thanks to all my friends who have been there for me and made life fun. I will miss you guys more than you know but you have not gotten rid of my yet! I will be back! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Our lives are FINALLY coming together and we feel so blessed. We found a cute little house to rent in billings that has a fenced backyard for oak and allows dogs! I had an interview when we went there last week to look for places to live and just found out yesterday that I got the job! I was so worried about money and how we were going to afford things and I still am but now I know that we will at least have some income coming in! Matt still is in the process of applying for scholarships through the air force and navy so we still dont know about that but it is nice to have some big things out of the way! We move June 24th and I start my new job on the 27th! It is such a blessing that everything has worked out so far. I know its because of paying tithing that somehow we always have just enough to make it through. I am scared but excited for our new adventures in Billings and will miss all the wonderful friends I will be leaving behind in Utah.

Now it is time for a funny story. So when we were in billings we stayed at the most ghetto hotel ever! No lie. I will post pictures soon and you can see for yourselves. Anyway we were laying on the bed watching tv after a long day of looking for places to live and I see a bandaid on the bed. I ask matt "were you wearing a bandaid today"? He replied "no, why"? I get a horrified look on my face and say "because there is a bandaid on our bed and I wasnt wearing one either"!! Nasty!! So the whole night we were freaking out about what else wasnt clean in our room and how nasty everything was. So in the morning I was putting on my fancy shoes for my interview and looked inside and saw that i had put bandaids on the inside heel so they would not rub and sure enough one of the bandaids was missing. Needless to say I felt a little bit better about staying there but would NOT recommend it to anyone! haha