Sunday, November 14, 2010

Find of the week!!! YUM!!!

Red velvet chocolate milk and mint chocolate milk from target! A must try. I am currently obsessed and in love with it. Give it a try and you can thank me later.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life in a nutshell

Ok so I have not blogged in awhile so theres lots to catch up on but dont want to bore anyone to death so ill do the easy bullet points!

1. We were waldo and wenda (even though know one knew who i was) for halloween and we had a blast at our friends brit and parks halloween bash!

2. Oakley did not like her halloween outfit very much and tried to rip it off until I finally took it off of her after 3 minutes. My pup is now 5 months old!

3.Matt has an interview in VEGAS for PA school and we are sooooo excited! Wish us luck on January 5th!

4. We get to go to cali for thanksgiving in aprox 11 days! Cant wait!

5. I have officially started paying loans and am now wishing I never went to school blah!

6. We have a little "mouse" problem and I captured one under a bowl. I was very proud of myself.

7. Officially all my best friends from hygiene school are now pregnant! Im so excited for them! It makes me contemplate "hey maybe i should get on the ban wagon and have a kid"........then i see all the crazy children at church and decide I can wait a little while longer. Ill just play with theirs :)!!

8. I hope everyone has a wonderful night!!

My cute baby girl!

Waldo and Wenda

My mouse contraption Yah for the jazz! They are doing awesome!