Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My new hobby

So ever since I can remember I hated sewing! I can always remember having to do sewing activities in mutual while the boys got to go on hikes and play sports and such and I just thought it was so unfair! But for some reason I have developed this weird "sewing bug" and now I'm addicted!! Thanks to my friend Jocey I made the cutest little baby dress (no I'm not baby hungry) and these cute bibs (I promise I'm not baby hungry, they are GIFTS!!)! So easy!! I have now invested in a sewing machine and hope to get more acquainted with it :)!

A very fashionable bib i must say

cutest dress! Who knows if a baby can evern fit in it but its just so cute

My wonderful eacher jocelyn

My new friend

My other new hobby is church related! I just got called to be an assistant in the beehives! Im soooo excited to be in young womens! Im sure I will learn more than the girls will and I think it will be such a good learning experience! So between work, young womens, and trying to become the next martha stuart I keep pretty busy and I love it! O ya and of course taking care of my puppy child.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Fall is my favorite time of the year but it seems like it goes by so fast! One minute the leaves are changing colors and the next there is snow! Blah! Not looking forward to snow! We went on a hike with dustin and kylee up near sundance and it was BEAUTIFUL! We didnt quite time the hike right and ended up hiking in the dark most of the way back but it was an adventure!

Thanks for inviting us ky and dust!

Going to gardner village in the fall is a must! The have all their cute witches decorating the place and its such a fun atmosphere! My family came into town so we had a girls night and went there!

Last night we went with some other couples to hee-haw farms in pleasant grove! We had fun scaring the others in the corn maze, sliding down these funky slides, and going through their haunted house! The scariest moment was captured by matt. So me and kort decided we wanted a picture by the corn husks. We were waiting for matt to take the picture and right as he said 1,2,3.....this monster who had been hiding their the whole time jumped out and did the scariest growl i have ever heard! And ofcourse matt has pushed the picture button by then so he caught our faces just as the monster came out.....again remember this picture is not staged in any way..

thats pure fear on our faces....you can notice the green monster coming at us on the left side! What a fun filled night!! Here is the after photo of how we wanted it to look..

Much better! :)

Giant pumpkins

I am looking forward to more haunted houses before halloween comes! I love being scared! Matt is finally fulfulling his dream of being waldo for halloween! And I had no idea there was a girl waldo named wenda so I am now roped into being wenda for halloween. Not the most exciting thing in the world but o well! Well I hope everyone is enjoying their scarfs, hot chocolate, pumpkin scented candles, and fall leaves!