Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi World

So I have been horrible at blogging. Again many things have been going on since my last post!
1- We were bags of jelly bellys for halloween. See pictures below! Just call me cheap.
2- We went to Mt. Rushmore for a mini vacation and it was lot's of fun! I can cross something off my list!
3- It is currently 7 degrees outside in Billings. I am on house arrest til spring. brrrrrrrrr....
4- My brother got home from his mission to Japan and I got to go home to california to see him! It is so good to have him back and he was such a good missionary!
5- Yes we are having a BABY!! I am due May 18th and can not be more excited/nervous/overwhelmed/anxious/blessed! I have been feeling ok besides just being tired constantly and throwing up a couple times a week. I am not quite sure if I am ready for such a big calling in life but I guess I have no choice at this point!! I will be needing lot's of advice and tips from all you great mommies out there!!

                                                               my little gummy bear!

                                                                    Mt Rushmore

Welcome home parker!!

                                                                 Bags of Jelly Bellys


  1. 7 flippin degrees????? OH MY BURRRRRRR!! I love little gummi bear already! I better be his/her god mother!! Love the Jelly beans, you had Allen and I laughing so hard! Allen was like that is SUCH a good idea! Love you!

  2. congratulations! that is so exciting! makes me feel like maybe I could have a baby is scary! so happy for you.

  3. Ah!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! You're going to make such a cute, fun mama :) :) Glad you've been feeling okay! So exciting!!

  4. are always the BEST at coming up with halloween costumes! i always love seeing what you and matt do! :) tomorrow you find out what you are having!! i vote boy...i just picture you guys having extremely cute kids! cant wait for baby snarr!!!! love you cait. oh and we need updated pics of you and that cute baby belly!