Saturday, August 20, 2011


I knew I would catch your attention with the heading....perverts. I just wanted to give you a quick recap and I promise I will write a good post soon!
1. job is getting better but its still just a job
2. Matt has had a week off of school and its been amazing! I am sad to see it start again.
3.still dont have many friends and I am weirdly ok with it....i am becoming a hermit i think
4. My calling in church is RS chorister. Score.
5. My brother gets home from his mission to Japan on 11.11.11. How cool right!?
6. Anniversary is on Monday. 3 years have flown by!
7. I miss the familiarity of Utah and all my wonderful friends still.
8. I love TV more than ever
9. Matt turned 27 yesterday and said his sperm are dying and that he needs a child. I dont believe him.

Stories to come soon!


  1. Hahaha aha.. I laughed so hard, first about the "quicky", (because it totally got my attention), and then about Matt turning 27 and his sperm situation! Haha

    Ps.. Not gonna lie, dental hygiene is just a job to me too.. I just don't LOVE it, it's more of a like thing

    Miss you!

  2. Hahahah!!!! You go Matt! Your totally right! Get on that thang ;)

  3. Your right the "quicky" got my attention pretty fast! I can't help it, it just drew me right in!

  4. cait!! i just love your blog and i am lad i get to stock you now! hehe.. glad that you guys are getting adjusted to your new home and i hope we get to join you real soon!!!

  5. Jonathon just turned 27 too.. does that mean his sperm are dying off too??! I'm so so so happy and excited for you guys to be having a little baby! You are going to be the best and cutest most awesome Mom. Lucky little kid to have picked you guys out as parents!!